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Taking care of your home by doing maintenance and upkeep is one of the best ways to a happy and satisfied living space. When doing work, it is very important to push productivity to the maximum to be as efficient as possible. The solution is to introduce mechanical power tools that are widely available for purchasing from the market these days. The radical shift in the way people work has driven many innovations and now we have the high-speed pocket (technically cordless) drills being offered even at the convenience store level.

Unfortunately, they can become quite expensive to acquire and operate in the long run as they will inevitably come with their own upkeep cost. Let’s take a look at the market’s most competitive, value cordless drill for the money and see how they manage to stack up with their peers.

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1. Porter-Cable PCC606LA Drill/Driver Kit

This entire cordless drill and driver kit cost below $100 and it is hard to believe this when you see all the functions, compatibility, flexibility and power. Nonetheless, this is what you will get in the package. The Porter-Cable comes with only one battery but up to four chargers.

The drill includes a double-ended “tad” tip for ease of use and modularity. The 330 UWO is the powerful heart that drives the driver to operate. You get very capable performance at your fingertips. The Porter-Cable is designed to not slip at all as a complete ratcheting lob is incorporated into the design. An LED light illuminates dark working spaces and an LED display indicates battery charge and levels.

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  1. Masterworks Max Cordless Drill

Masterworks takes it a step further with their line of cordless drills. The Max cordless drill can be purchased for a cheap price of under $50 but it still manages to offer an amazing performance. The trick lies in the powerful and flexible motor that will endure any stress that you put it through and come out on the top. The motor gives your construction needs a 15+1 torque setting that is more than adequate for drilling into anything – metal, wood, plastic or even steel plates. You can control the speed from 0 to 350 and 1250 RPM with very precise control. Masterworks provides you the product with two battery packs so you do not need to worry about getting your work interrupted. This, coupled with an ergonomic and well-designed structure will allow you to maneuver into tight spaces without a sweat. This cordless drill is rather lightweight and comfortable to hold. This is one of the Best Rated Cordless Drill.

Author’s Verdict

For anyone on a tight budget, these product comparisons will serve you to make an informed choice that fits best with your requirement and work. It is a good balance between power, functionality, and price. There are better, faster and stronger products on the market but when it comes to the balancing act of these two, they will have beaten most of the rest by many miles. Get the best value for money with these Recommended cordless drills.

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