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iPhone Accessories for Exploring the Outdoors

I think my keys may have retractable legs because I have a hard time finding a place I swear I put them. The worst is when I drop them in the snow or the snow and have to dig to see them. Smart trackers like the Nut (starting at $13.99) allow me to easily retrieve my keys in and out. It is useful to use like scanner for ipad for work. The power key syncs with the Nut app, where I can customize the sound it makes when it searches for the key. It also works in reverse, so I can click on the key fob to find my phone. Nut has an anti-lost feature: if my phone is too far from my power key, the app will alert me so I don't leave them behind. I found this post to work at 160 feet. The only customization options are to set silence zones or silence periods so my alarm doesn't go off when I'm at work or at home. Another feature that lets other Nut users know I'm missing my handbrake, so if someone is nearby, they'll find it; maybe near an ice dock, my name is an olympic skater.

Pack your bags before you face the cold, why not do the same with your phone? The LifeProof FRĒ Case (starting at $9.99) advertises 360-degree protection while retaining full functionality. With a built-in screen protector, the cover sticks tightly to my phone to keep out dust and snow. I always drop my phone and this case protects it from damage from drops up to 2 meters (about 6.5 feet). While I doubt I'll be doing any underwater photography on a snowboarding trip, the LifeProof FRĒ case also protects my phone in two meters of water for up to an hour. The case comes with a cleaning cloth and a plastic tab to help re-open the case. It's easy to follow the instructions for placing the case on your phone; One thing to note is that LifeProof recommends submerging the empty can in water first to test for water resistance. As part of the Otter offering, LifeProof offers a one-year warranty on its packaging.

Use your iPhone to pay bills and run errands

The parking lot turns into an unforgiving tundra in the winter, but I still need groceries. After I choose what I want and pay through the store's app, Amazon can deliver the item to my home, while Walmart offers grocery delivery. Sure, I still have to drive to Walmart for groceries, but I can stay in my car and be gone in minutes instead of running when the weather is bad. Many stores offer grocery delivery, so check your local options.

Other apps I use to avoid venturing into the weather are Venmo (free). I just linked Venmo to my bank account and added friends so I can pay them without having to run to an ATM. I am currently using Venmo to pay my landlord and am trying to pay other expenses such as utility bills, cell phone, etc. Deposit checks using the app or online option instead of in person or by mail. Speaking of mail, do you find yourself braving the cold wind outside in search of junk mail in your inbox?

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