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What are the best vacuum cleaners? Top 5 most recommended

Every house needs a good vacuum cleaner for it to become a home. However sometimes we underestimate the importance of this appliance in our lives, and usually recognize the problem when it has become late.

How can we define best vacuum cleaners? Are they crazily expensive or super heavy and as giant as a robot on the TV? The answer, of course, depends on the size of your house, whether you have a pet or not, and many other factors.

But with these top five most recommended Good vacuum cleaner brands on the market, you don’t have to dream about a clean floor and a shiny house anymore.

1. Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum

You can never imagine tackling a workload of cleaning your house at just under $50.00. Bissell is the best vacuum brand that can offer you a good quality vaccum at this price. This machine is light and can help you to relax when cleaning your house, while the filter is washable and helps you to avoid changing it too frequently.

The Bissell PowerForce offers five height adjustments to let you clean everything on surfaces like a hardwood floor or a carpet easily. Accessories such as a dusting wand, extension tool, and a crevice tool are provided to help you clean easily.

2. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister

This canister vacuum is convenient for you to carry even outside the boundary of your house, maybe where you can use outdoors in your car or on the outside stairs. This model is popular since it can perform well on even difficult surfaces. The manufacturer Miele has always been considered one of the Top 10 vacuum cleaners even though their price is may not very affordable.

An attached HEPA filter ensures no dust gets into the air when you dispose of the bags and it will stay in the trash bin. However, it can become a minus point since you need to buy it.

3. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS8

Bagged vacuums are recommended for those suffer from allergies. Another reason is that they are proven to perform longer than bagless ones. However, replacement bags need to be bought and changed when the old ones fill up.

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS8 is considered could probably be the best vacuum cleaner on the market in this category, at this price range. The cleaning brush is as wide as twelve inches, and helps it to have perfect performance. The vacuum is as light as eight pounds, which means everyone can maneuver easily.

However, if you need to clean upholstery, curtains, or other hard-to-reach places, you need some other support, and to be honest, this model is not ideal for this type of task.

4. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

One thing usually prevents you from cleaning your house on the weekend is a heavy vacuum cleaner. This obstacle has been eased with this eight-pound angel, which can help you to quickly clean up the post-breakfast mess or handle your pet's hair before your friends knock the door. This model works well on both hard floors and carpets.

You can easily change it into a car vacuum cleaner with the provided micro tool kit and car detailing kit. It can also be converted into a hand vacuum. Does that mean you can buy two vacuums with for the price of one? Yes, certainly!

5. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

Some people even consider this as the best vacuum cleaner on the market overall. It's powerful, lightweight, and is suitable for most families. The simple design helps it to be easy to assemble and use, while its suction power is impressive on multi surfaces. The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology locks dust and irritants, while a HEPA filter keeps almost all of allergens inside. It is very easy to use and helps you to clean every corner of your house.

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Vacuum cleaners are essential in modern houses and are true friends to help you relax in your shining homes. Based on each house, you can choose a suitable vacuum and enjoy your time.

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