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For those who have passed that segment in life, which is called higher education, the definition of a review of a diploma is probably familiar. For a student, this is a kind of document that gives him the right to defend his graduation project. Consequently, the content of a review for a is an indicator of his work and an assessment of the quality of his work. For the attestation commission, a review of a thesis is a reason to allow a student to defend his work.


In different situations, different people can be reviewers. For example, a teacher from the department where the student is studying can write a review of a thesis. At the same time, an important factor is that this teacher has a diploma of higher education, an academic or PhD degree, or a Ph.D.

Also, the reviewer can be the head of the enterprise, where the student had an industrial and undergraduate practice. At the same time, the theme of the diploma should have something in common with the activities of this organization, or fully correspond to its structure. The thesis may reflect information about the work of this unit. In this case, it will be preferable for a student if he considers a certain problem of the company in the project, finds ways to eliminate it and writes out ways to implement the planned plans to solve certain problems.

If the review is written by the head of the company, then in addition to his feedback on the work, he must certify this document with his signature and the seal of the organization.

The most common way of writing a review is that the student writes it himself. There is nothing wrong. Firstly, both the teachers of the department and the head of practice may simply not have time to write this document. Secondly, in many situations, writing a review saves time waiting for the teacher or the head of the enterprise to write their review. At the same time, if a student has a well-written review, he just needs the reviewer to sign it.


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